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In the midnight sky so clear and bright, The moon shines with its silvery light. It casts a spell upon the land, And sparkles like diamonds in a jeweler's hand.

With every phase and every rise, The moon enchants our wondering eyes. Like a precious gemstone in the sky,

It gleams and glows, as it passes by. As if adorned with a celestial crown, The moon reigns supreme, never to be dethroned. Its beauty unmatched, its radiance divine,

A timeless symbol of elegance and shine. And just like jewelry that adorns our frame, The moon adds a touch of magic to the night's acclaim. It enchants and mesmerizes, as it hangs in the sky,

A stunning masterpiece, crafted by the Divine. So, let us revel in the moon's ethereal light, And let its beauty guide us through the night. Like jewelry that brings joy and delight, The moon illuminates our path with its wondrous sight.

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