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Fire, oh fire, how you dance with grace, A beauty so fierce, in every place. Your flames leap and twist with a fiery art, In the deep of the night, you light up the heart.

Your colors, oh they're a sight to behold, So radiant and bold, they never get old. From orange to red, and yellow so bright, You illuminate the world with pure delight.

Your warmth and glow, they bring us together, In your presence, we find peace and pleasure.

The way you flicker, the way you blaze, It's like a symphony, the way you play. In your embrace, we find tranquility, A moment to pause, to reflect on beauty. Your power, your grace, it's beyond compare, A true masterpiece, that's forever there.

So fire, oh fire, we honor your beauty, Your flames are a wonder, a gift of serenity. May we learn from you, to embrace our own fire, And let our inner beauty, burn with desire.

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