Timeless Patina | Tarnished Silver
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Indulge in the allure of our "Timeless Patina | Tarnished Silver Collection," where Indian tribal, contemporary, and traditional elements converge to create a captivating ensemble. Crafted from 925 pure sterling silver, our silver earrings, jhumkas, necklaces, chokers, bangles, and rings showcase meticulous artistry with a deliberate tarnished or oxidized finish.

This unique aesthetic pays homage to centuries-old cultural traditions in Indian tribes, infusing each piece with a raw, tribal, and edgy feel. The collection seamlessly weaves together the rich heritage of tribal artistry and the modern appeal of contemporary design, offering a statement of enduring beauty and cultural pride. Adorn yourself in these pieces to experience the timeless resonance of traditions reborn in a captivating, modern context.