About Us

Yamoona, an exquisite jewelry brand, draws its name from the paternal grandmother of its visionary founder, Sanhitha Sanugula. Yamoona, a remarkable woman, served as a perpetual source of inspiration for Sanhitha, embodying timeless fashion and a fearless spirit. Renowned for her innate beauty and unwavering strength, Sanhitha's grandmother embodied a unique blend of tribal and traditional fashion choices, acquired during her journey from Maharastra to Telangana. This ignited Sanhitha's desire to infuse pan-Indian craftsmanship into her brand.

Although Sanhitha was born in India, her formative years were spent basking in the sunny coasts of California. Following her marriage into the illustrious Perla family, she returned to India, where her artistic inclination and passion for jewelry blossomed while working at Indeevari. This transformative experience served as the catalyst for Sanhitha's ambitious dream of establishing her own silver jewelry brand, Yamoona. Seamlessly melding her Indian heritage with her Western upbringing, Yamoona's designs radiate a harmonious fusion of timeless Indian craftsmanship and contemporary flair.

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving trends in the realm of jewelry can be a daunting task. By offering meticulously crafted luxury pieces in silver, Yamoona breathes new life into the industry. Far beyond fleeting trends, Yamoona's creations are inspired by heritage and enduring design, ensuring their everlasting allure. Through personalized online consultations, you are afforded the freedom to select and acquire your dream designs of the utmost quality. Above all, Yamoona endeavors to craft jewelry that empowers self-expression, makes cultural statements, and remains accessible to all. Welcome to Yamoona, the realm of jewelry that speaks for you.

Socially Aware

Yamoona embraces a socially aware ethos, fearlessly acknowledging the social dynamics surrounding cultural expression. The brand's genuine and relatable language permeates its marketing channels, reflecting an authentic and refreshing honesty rooted in reality. While not assuming the role of an activist, Yamoona adopts the voice of a discerning and astute social observer, engaging effortlessly with its audience.

Boldly cultural

Unapologetically celebrating its creative inspirations from Indian heritage, Yamoona remains steadfast in its commitment to using culturally relevant language that resonates effortlessly with its audience. By doing so, the brand masterfully captures the essence of Indian culture, striking a harmonious chord with every post and interaction.

Giving and inclusive

Inclusivity and philanthropy lie at the heart of Yamoona's values. The brand boldly shatters the confines of convention, creating unparalleled brand experiences that embrace and empower individuals from all walks of life. Yamoona's language mirrors its fervent dedication to sustainability, meaningful contributions to worthy causes, and fostering inclusive dialogue that empowers each and every person the brand touches